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Grievance Appeal Committee for Students Redressal

This Cell has been constituted to act as a link between students and staff and management regarding the addressing of problems of students, both academic and otherwise during their stay in the institution.

The objectives of the Committee that monitors this cell are:

  • To be available to give a fair and thorough hearing to complainants.
  • To provide advice and assistance to students who face problems.
  • To ensure smooth communication and effective solutions.
  • To  maintain confidentiality where required.

The members of the Committee are:

Ms. Aruna Bhaskar                       Redressal Officer,Dept. of Commerce
Ms. Bavithra Matharasi P          Dept. of MCA
Ms. Nivedita Patil                          Dept. of Biotechnology
Ms. Pavithra Raj                            Dept of Psychology


(Every Friday at IQAC room from 2 pm to 3pm)


Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, envisions a life-oriented education that empowers the students through a humanizing and liberative process, to be agents of transformation and development at different levels of life. Enabled and empowered, they respond pro – actively to concerns and conflicts inherent in today’s reality, especially those of women and persons who are unable to exercise their freedom to be human and work for the integrity of creation. The thrust is in the light of a “Civilisation of love”, the Kingdom of God, as envisaged and promoted by the Foundress, Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima. Read More>>>

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